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We provide the expertise required for our clients to deliver technology solutions which require resources beyond their own.We provide these solutions by controlling costs while improving performance and security. We also assist our clients to improve profitability and free up valuable capital, delivering a lasting and measurable improvement on the productivity of physical, financial, and human assets.

We are dedicated to continually refining a delivery process that is widely praised for consistently delivering successful projects, on time and within budget.

Our broad range of services includes: Cloud application development, Mobile application development, Analytics, Web Development and SharePoint development.

We have a team of experts who we are committed to providing complete end to end delivery of the software/system development lifecycle.

Core services

Data Analytics solutions

We offer Data Analytics solutions in the cloud and on prem using MSBI, Tableau & Power BI. Instantly access analytics data from any source with one click. Build dynamic, intuitive visualizations to discover hidden insights. Get alerts via email or text message when important KPIs need attention. Spot trends at a glance with all your data in one place, in real time.

Database Management

We architect, design and create databases for any data sets that allow creation, querying, updating, and administration of the data.

Azure and AWS cloud solutions

Cloud platform allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and focus resources on projects that differentiate their businesses from their competitors. Cloud computing allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance and Pay as you go for resources and scaling.

Big Data solutions

Solutions to manage data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges we solve include analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy.


Mobile Apps

Develop a mobile wallet service for your brand or enable mobile applications with solutions such as Android Pay or Apple Pay, and provide users with the convenience of fast and secure in-store checkout options. content delivery, hot off the press and on the fly, to your target mobile devices. Custom solutions for automating in-app marketing messages.

Web Development

Complete business workflow systems to improve efficiency, quality, accountability and speed. Manage your data from anywhere you have internet access. Complete permission-based secure access to complex databases. Manage your content from a secure, permissions-based web interface. Whether your managing your website, your marketing materials, technical documents or complex systems and mobile apps.

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